How to advertise your Exmoor accommodation on

65 in year 1 (includes 10 setup fee)
55 on renewal (ie. years 2+)

* Most advertisers get 1000+  targeted referrals to their own website per year.
* Over 95% have renewed their whatsonexmoor advertising every year since they started.

 A standard advertising entry consists of :

  • A 50 word feature on the Village page of your choice with a thumbnail photo and link to your website, plus;
  • A full listing in the relevant classified directory page with thumbnail photo and another link to your website.

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We aim to get submissions live within 2 working days*
Payment is by Credit / Debit card or PayPal online, or electronic bank transfer (BACS) (please phone 07891 521099 for details)
All advertising must be pre-paid

Whatsonexmoor is not database driven:  
Each page is a standalone normal .htm web page separately indexed by the search engines. 
Your entry will include links to your site from at least two of these pages.
This design ensures whatsonexmoor scores top page 1 search engine results for many Exmoor-related searches. 

Our Terms and Conditions for Advertising are here.

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*except during main holiday periods

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