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whatsonexmoor does NOT use cookies.  
However, third party ad wholesalers (such as Google and Amazon) do.  There are adverts on placed automatically by these third party wholesalers.  Clicking on any of these ads initiates the dropping of a doubleclick cookie on your machine, or the modification of an existing one. This cookie is used by the wholesaler to determine your user profile and thereby direct content to you which is more relevant to your profile.  If you do not wish to have this cookie on your machine, it is possible to block it using browser addons/plugins (such as NoScript for Firefox). see also
You can also "Opt Out" on Google directly; see

For more information on Google Interest-based advertising see

Please note that whatsonexmoor does NOT have access to these cookies.

Direct whatsonexmoor advertisers
Adverts on the Accommodation pages and the Town/Village pages of whatsonexmoor are contracted with whatsonexmoor directly.
We simply hold the minimum data necessary for basic standard UK business accounting.  This data is held "offline".
We never disclose this data to anyone.
Our standard advertising Terms and Conditions are here.


Third party wholesaler advert content:

Adverts placed by Google AdSense/AdWords in their standard boxes are beyond our control and we cannot vouch for them.  These same ads appear on many other websites via the same Google AdSense/AdWords system.  We have absolutely no idea what appears in these ads. Google are supposed to ensure that they are relevant to the content of the page on which they appear, if possible. They are also supposed to ensure that the ad content is legal and has no offensive content.

If you see any bothersome or inappropriate ads, please contact us, giving the exact URL of the offending ad and from which whatsonexmoor page it came. The easiest way to do this is to Copy/Paste the URL from the address bar of your browser.
We will endeavour to block the offending advertiser.