Exmoor Maps

Guide to printed maps which cover the Exmoor National Park

Ordnance Survey Folded Maps
Landranger 1:50,000 (1.25 inches to the mile):-
  Landranger Sheet 180 "Barnstaple & Ilfracombe"
    covers the moor from Simonsbath westwards.
  Landranger sheet 181 "Minehead"
    covers the moor from Simonsbath eastwards to Wellington.

Outdoor Leisure 1:25,000 (2.5 inches to the mile):-

  Outdoor Leisure 9  "Exmoor"
  Outdoor Leisure 9 Encapsulated  "Exmoor"
    This is a double sided map:
    East of the moor on one side, West of the moor on the other.
    Also available in waterproof, encapsulated format.
Tourist touring maps (the old-fashioned 1 inch to the mile):-
  Exmoor (out of print but still available from some stores and on Ebay)

Interactive Exmoor Map from Bing:
Left click, hold button down and drag to move map.
Use buttons top left to zoom, or use your mousewheel.